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Privacy policy of the website elmar-ip.com

The administration of the website elmar-ip.com undertakes to keep your privacy in the Internet. We pay much attention to the protection of the data provided by you. Our privacy policy is based on the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations of the European Union (GDPR). The purposes for which we collect the personal data: improvement of the work of our service, contacting the visitors of this website, email updates, providing the information requested by a user, providing the services connected with the activity area of this website as well as for the following actions.

Collection and use of personal data

We collect and use your personal data only in case of your willful consent. In case of your consent you allow us to collect and use the following data: name and surname, email, telephone number. Collection and processing of your data is effected in accordance with the laws being in force in the territory of the European Union and in Ukraine.

Data storage, amendment and removal

A user providing his/her personal data to the website elmar-ip.com is entitled to amend or remove it as well as to withdraw his/her consent for its usage. The term within which your personal data are to be stored: the time required for the data use for the main activity of the website. After the end of use of your personal data the website administration removes it. For providing access to your personal data you can contact the website administration at the following address: 271, Akademika Pavlova Str., Office No. 2,Kharkiv 61054, Ukraine. We may transfer your personal data to a third party only with your willful consent, and if it was transferred then the data amendment in other organizations not connected with us cannot be effected by our side.

Use of technical data while visiting the website

While you are visiting the website elmar-ip.com the following records are stored in the database: your IP address, visit time, browser configurations, operating system as well as other technical information required for the correct presentation of the website content. We cannot ascertain a visitor’s identity according to the indicated data.

Providing information by children

In case you are a parent or a guardian and you know that your children have provided us with their personal data without your consent please contact us: clients@elmar-ip.com. It is prohibited to provide the personal data of non-adults in our service without their parent’s or guardian’s consent.

Use of cookies

We use cookie files for the correct display of the content and for the convenience of use of the website elmar-ip.com. They are not big files which are stored in your device. They help the website to store the information about you, for example, which language is used when you browse the website and which pages have already been opened, this information will be useful when you visit the website the next time.  Due to the cookie files the website browse becomes much more convenient. The detailed information about the cookie files can be found here. You can configure acceptance or blocking of cookies by yourself in the browser. Impossibility to accept cookies may limit the website working efficiency.

Use of personal data by other services

Other internet-services effecting the data collection independently are used in this website: Google Analytics, Facebook.com. The data collected by them can be provided to other services within these organizations, they can use the data for personalization of the advertisements of their own advertising network. You can find user agreements of these organizations on their websites. There you can also refuse collection of your personal data by them. For example, Google Analytics blocker can be found here. We do not transfer the personal data to other organizations and services which are not indicated in this Privacy policy. The exception is only transfer of the information  according to the legal requirements of the state bodies authorized to undertake such the actions.

Links to other websites

Our website elmar-ip.com may contain the links to other websites which are not managed by us. We do not bear any responsibility for their content. We recommend to review the privacy policy of each website which is visited by your side, if any.

Amendments of privacy policy

Our website elmar-ip.com may update our privacy policy from time to time. We will inform about any amendments by placing the new privacy policy on this page. We monitor the legislation changes concerning the personal data in the European Union and in Ukraine.

Feedback, final clauses

The administration of the website elmar-ip.com can be contacted concerning the privacy policy to clients@elmar-ip.com or by means of the contact form indicated in the corresponding page of the website. In case you do not agree with this privacy policy you cannot use the services of the website elmar-ip.com, in this case you should refrain from visiting our site.